Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 75--2 to go--Barges, Bluff Burial and Real Estate

Winding down now , day 75 with only two days to go--at day 77 it will be exactly 11 weeks, seems much shorter--the rythym of working hard and long for 5 days and off for 2 has become comfortable--The cold is always a factor as is the wind but if you gear up properly you can get adapted pretty quickly --nobody whines, no one complains, you just do what needs to be done.
Today I found myself hanging headfirst off the 15" bluff excavating a 12 year old that had partially tumbled out of the bluff face, when the melting permafrost caused the bluff to slump. there was not much too him/her--Skull partial mandible, partial pelvis and 2 unfused femurs, fibula,and 1 phalange. Took only about an hour and a half to get him out but David and I had to lay on our stomachs to spread out the weight so the bluff would not crumble and take him and us with him.
Worked on finishing up two other partial burials and got them completed, and may try to finish another one tomorrow. The driftwood feature is slowly winding down with a terminus line marked in the gravel(literally) that we won't go beyond. Passed the 2000 mark in number of items recorded. with a decent number showing working by humans.
The first barge of the season arrived today, and started to offload. everyone is heading to the Napa gas station to fill up cars, gas cans and 55 gallon drums with the "cheap" $4.55 gallon gas because they know what is coming--the fuel barge arrives and the price for the entire next year is set--the anticipation is between $7-8.00 per gallon, maybe more. The barge is basically a small container ship with those 20' X10' containers loaded on deck. There is a small LST type ship that ferries the containers and other goods to shore. see the attached pictures. All of the lumber, building supplies, prefab houses, cars, trucks, heavy equipment arrives this way.
Real estate--I'll try to add some pictures of real estate, the blue house sold for $250K, the little green one is for sale at $72K. the empty lot with the posts is the beginning of construction. You buy the land from UIC, plant the permafrost posts, wait a year to see if they are solid and order your building materials to arrive on next summer's barge and start building. If you decide to sell you have to offer it back to UIC who has first right of refusal, at market prices. Most new permits are granted near the Barrow Utilidor, which carries water, sewage, fiber optic lines in an underground heated tunnel. They will hook you up for free but you have to pay an ongoing maintaince fee, plus the cost of the utilities. the other option is septic and water cistern with daily water delivery.
More later--pictures to follow.

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Dark Sooth said...

Dave, you are a DICK. You portray yourself as a knowledgeable and skilled archaeologist but you are an amateur and have a lot to learn. From someone who does know what he is talking about. Dark Sooth.