Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 70---Bear, Bears and more Bears

Weather has held steady this week, 30-35 degrees, some wind, some fog, mostly overcast but when the sun does come out it truly is glorious--Blue sky, blue ocean white ice, the pack ice has moved back in. we've had new bear guards the last few days, brothers, Issac and J.R.--they have been taking me out at lunch breaks and showing/teaching me how to spot bear tracks, not too difficult truly, most of the pictures this time are bear tracks which i thought most people would enjoy. Today there were tracks of three distinctly different bears, both by size and shape, i tried to shoot them to give boyj a feel of size and stride. The other picture is of David trying to paddle a small ice floe with a shovel--the kids get bored at lunch--as Issac sais "Silly white boy!" We're winding down now, Christine and I are working on what should be the last burial, looks like a young adult > 16 for sure. We had a new dental exturn out with us this week, helped to finish off the last of the dentition xrays, and came out to the site with us. She worked on our burial and was thrilled to find two teeth--
The driftwood feature is starting to shape up, they are up to 1500 objects shot in and probably will hit 2000 before next week wraps up the season, that is an unheard of number of objects for a 5M X 3M site. A piece of baleen showed up today, about 12" long that-- should not be there either, way to early for anyone to be harvesting whales by about 600 years--BUT could have been washed in on the driftline. Season is winding down, just 1 week to go--I'll post more soon, trying to wrap up some other issues I've been thinking about including real estate prices up here...enjoy--

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