Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 62--Just Another Day in Paradise

Variable weather!!
July 22--cold, windy with a few snow showers--no big deal--
July 25--wind so strong it picks up the gravel like shotgun pellets
July 27--Beautiful sunny day, temps in the 50's, basking in the sun like lizards--
July 28--Regular day at the point, cold, windy but do-able
July 29--the first "Snow Day" of the season, Wind at 30 MPH, temp at 34--looking out my window the snow is horizontal and the wind is picking up--snow and wind predicted for the rest of the week--We were in lab today, and for the first time, ran out of stuff to do and sent the kids home aqt 12:30. Ws are completely caught up with the backlog of artifacts from 2006, 2007, thoudands of pounds of peat and we were processing artifacts today we removed on Monday. There are whitecaps on our little lagoon. I'm anxious to see how much damage the driftwood feature has suffered. When we left on friday, there was a small 3' high beach ridge of sand and gravel between us and the surf line. and the beach line was 12-15 feet from the rear edge of the pit. On Monday the beach ridge was gone and the surf line was 4-5' from the back edge of the pit with some of the larger waves lapping at the edge right below us--the more startling thing was to see the permafrost jutting out from the bluff about 2' below us and the waves undercutting it by a good 3-5'. that section of bluff will just collapse and disappear. We had located and flagged the peat location with tundra and peat earlier in the season, it was startling to see a piece of the tundra come floating by with a pin flag stuck in it. I'm going to try to find a picture of the site earlier when we first opened it up and contast that with one taken Monday.

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