Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 53--3 days at the point

We spent the last three days at the point doing the usual archaeological stuff. I've been working in the area we have labled the fox den since that is what once lived there. the area is 7 metres X 6 meters and were working an alternate checkerboard pattern with the intent of removing it all eventually. the top 3-6" is covered with thick turf that is a mother to cut through. The trowels up here are honed to a razors edge, so that helps and then we cut through the last 1 or 2 inches with a shovel. If you are careful you can peel back the turf, saving it to replace later and most of the artifacts, faunal bones, bone chips and whalebone + human bones are either on the surface or imbredded in the last inch or so of roots. Thrus at lunch we were sitting on the leeward side of the tent to get out of the wind when the kids strolled around the side and plunked down a 60 pound seal that had gotten caught in a fishing net and drowned. Protocal says it has to be offered to the owner of the net and he decides disposition.
Friday was different story altogether. We left for the point at 9AM on friday and got back at 2:40 AM on saturday, your basic 17 hour workday. There was a significant non-burial find made at 3PM which dictated that we stay until it was removed.Due to its composition and fragility it simply could not remain exposed to weather and potential destruction over the weekend. We've all been sworn to secrecy so I can't say more than that until later.
Saturday we were all pretty useless due to the previous workday(s)and today, sunday , not a lot better but better than saturday. Tomorrow we are back out at the point for the week, weather for those who follow that stuff, is 35-40 degrees, with a 15-20MPH wind and rain/snow predicted for the entire week. snow is not a problem, rain is.
Pictures this time are me and Denver banding snowy owl chicks (eat your heart out Sarah!) the seal mentioned above, Kyle with the seal strapped to the honda and someones idea of a joke, a fox trap baited with a peppermint, HA!! it would take at least a bottle of beer to be effective!

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