Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 4 Sticker Shock Day

Laura took all of us into town to buy food and supplies to the one real store they have here, appropriately named the Arctic Central, or AC. You can get groceries, clothes, videos, snowmobiles, ATV's--Etc--I always thought Hawaii was expensive, this place makes Hawaii look like Walmart--Some samples--milk 1 gal $9.79, Oranges $2.69 pound, Loaf of bread $5.95, 18 count carton of eggs 7.69. those little packets of Crystal light for individual bottles of water that i thought were insanely expensive at $2.99 in San Jose are $7.69--on sale--
Everything heavy comes in by barge, once a year in July or by Cargo Plane--they can bring cars or trucks either way, by barge adds $2,000 per vehicle, by plane $4,000. The whole years supply of gas is brought in by barge once a year in July and the Bourough sets the price for the next year. Currently it is $4.55 a gallon. The cheapest thing in the store was cup of soup at 2/$1.00--interestingly enough that is what most of the high school kids bring for lunch--no suprise.
The sun came out for a little bit today and we could actually see blue sky, It is always light out but mostly always cloudy and/or foggy--but the warning is that when it is sunny you better be wearing 30-50 sunscreen, Laura has a couple of nasty looking spots on her left cheek that are sunburned patches that got frozen later.
Tomorrow we'll go into the heritage center and see some crafts that the Inuit make to sell--
I'll attach a couple of pictures to dispel all the nasty rumors that I'm the one stuffed frozen in the freezer, not the bunny.

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